Homestead Exemption

When the welfare exemption expires, the property is immediately considered for taxation. The first set of numbers appears on the tax record. The second set appears once the final payment has been made. At this point, the value of the house has been determined. The county appraiser will issue a certificate of appraisal showing the real value of the property. Here, the real estate investor wants to get the estimated value of the house.


Benefits from the welfare exemption are available in two different ways. The first is that the owner of the property has to be present at the time of the sale in order to complete the transaction. It is also possible to show that the house has been used as a residence for a period of time as another form of qualification. The home must be the permanent residence, whether the residence is permanent or temporary. For the purpose of proving residency, the structure or house must be valued.

Children’s benefit is a variable benefit that varies throughout the year. A property waiver for Seminole County Property Appraiser, for example, is 10% for real estate owned by the government of the US or by a permanent resident of Florida. In the case of a secondary residence, an exemption may be granted as long as the property is used at all times for residential purposes only.

We encourage all qualified homeowners to apply for a property waiver. The property exemption lowers your assessed value, which reduces the amount you pay in property taxes. For more information about homeownership and additional exemptions, you may be entitled to, see the Exemptions section of our website.

Seminole-County-Property-Appraiser Homestead-Exemption

Homestay applications can be submitted via phone, e-mail, or fax. Submitting a homestay application takes a matter of minutes. (You need a current driver’s license for all applicants):

  • Submit online by clicking here
  • Present in person
  • Send by mail