Information Needed To Buy Home

The Seminole County Property Assessor is responsible for evaluating properties owned by the State of Florida and reviewing a property tax bill for Seminole County properties. In addition to reporting, they must also report any major repairs required as part of their job. The appraiser’s job is to ensure that all required taxes are paid. You can contact the Seminole County Property Appraiser Adviser’s Office for specific reports or updates at their office.


When you contact the regulator, it is best for you to do so before the tax refund is due. The regulatory agency will still keep the overdue taxes on its books if you submit payment after this date, so they won’t be included in the final sale price.

If you decide to hire a contractor to represent you before the deadline indicated on your income tax return, you must give that company written permission to proceed. Failure by the appraiser to complete the final report and prepare the required payment within the timeframe specified in the notice may result in a new IRS back tax claim.

The appraiser will use one of two methods to determine the fair market value of your home: the spot price method and the property tax depreciation method. If you pay a fixed amount for a service to represent you before the due date indicated on the notice, you must be prepared to have the appraiser send you a detailed list of the amount you owe as well as the current market value.

Your payment must be accompanied by this detailed list to receive a property tax rate that will apply to the total amount you pay for the service. To calculate the appraised value of unsold goods in most counties, the discounted spot price method is used.